For Sam



Chiara Bautista

i am in love

Homemade cracker fail :( 
Oh well, they still taste okayish


untitled by Elizabeth Spence on Flickr.


301/365. We are all flowers, we just need to bloom.
Shooting with Laura from Hypnotized.
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Happy Fourth!


I spoke to you in Japanese. (by Kerti P.)


I feel like I’m walking around in a dream.. (by Konstantina Tzagaraki)

This is what happens when Rite Aid has makeup on clearance


#BookADayUK / Would save if my house burned down.
Because although I appreciate irony most of the time, this wouldn’t be one of those times.

In all seriousness, I actually wouldn’t want to save just one particular book. I’d probably grab as many as I could off my bookshelves and throw them out of the window. And perhaps my Kindle?

Agreed. This is one of my favorites. Love this cover too! Mine just has some dominos on it.
I’d probably have to grab Ella Enchanted too.

Chicken pesto with sun dried tomatoes and ricotta


79/365 (by Its_Effy)


untitled by dillan4c on Flickr.